Who is this for?

This is for clients looking for help making finish/fixture/lighting/carpentry selections for their project.  Maybe you just want to revamp an existing bathroom or maybe you have drawings from an Architect, but you need help making the selections and working through the details.  This could also include carpentry.  Perhaps you have a wall reserved for custom built-ins and now you need help with the design.  Drawings can be provided to help work through the nuances of any display or storage needs you may need to accommodate.  Interior design services can provide you with the materials to achieve your aesthetic and function goals.


What can I expect?

When providing Interior Design services, the main method of presenting materials is via hard samples.  For example, visiting a tile showroom to review selections, or scheduling an in-home meeting where various samples (tile, flooring, accent finishes) are brought to your home for review.  If samples are not available, which is frequently the case with lighting, carpentry, etc, concept boards and images are relied upon instead.



Who is this for?

These services are for clients who have most of the parts and pieces, but need guidance with implementation.  Perhaps you have drawings and you know what materials you want, but you don’t know where to go next.  JJLLC can help determine what permits you need, determine if you need a GC or if you can achieve your project goals with subcontractors.  Need help budgeting?  Spreadsheets and bid walk-throughs can be provided to determine your project costs.  Project Management Services are aimed at getting you over the finish line.


What can I expect?

Depending on your project and your needs, you may anticipate:

  • Assistance obtaining permits
  • Referrals for vendors, subs, or General Contractors
  • A consult to help you determine how to phase your project
  • Spreadsheets to help determine and track costs

The specific details and needs of the project will be the driving force behind determining what level of Project Management is appropriate to achieve your goals.



Who is this for?

Architecture Services are appropriate for a wide range of projects.   Whether you want to add bathroom, add story, or rework your existing footprint, employing the help of an Architect can save you time, money, and provide clarity in terms of project goals.


The phases of Architect services are fairly standard and listed below.  However, not every project needs every phase.  Time is dedicated to determining the appropriate amount of services for your project and your budget to ensure alignment of expectations.


What can I expect?

This question is most easily answered by explaining the main phases of Architect services:


SCHEMATIC DESIGN – Working mostly in plan to get the right spacial layouts and program to meet your goals.


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT – Translating the plans into elevation to further detail the size and character of the project.  Also will start to incorporate the structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing components.


CONTRACT DOCUMENTS – Providing all the documentation necessary to meet the requirements of the governing jurisdiction for permits and for construction.


All of these services can be combined in various ways to meet the unique requirements of your project.

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